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How much invaluable business information does your company have trapped in different systems?  Sales, production, inventory, salesperson performance and key customer metrics…all essential must-have data you need to profitably run your business.

BizOptix enables you to access key business data - no matter where it’s housed - and configures the information to fit your business needs. It transforms the bits-and-bytes from your systems into Actionable Data that you and your entire team can view with point-and-click ease. If you can describe the business metrics you need, BizOptix will help you put the right data in the hands of decision makers across your entire organization.

Do you need a secure web application? Forget about software development from scratch. BizOptix is your antidote to custom software development. BizOptix is a highly configurable solution optimized to elegantly deliver dashboards, data collection and workflow solutions. Take action with your data from the convenience of your web browser, drill-down, search, move columns with drag-and-drop ease, export information and take action!

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